The device for purifying wastewater for Marinas

Domitran Novita’s development & manufacture Sewer water Solution for waste water in Marinas area to cleaning ships. Our system VITA MAR 2011  are based on EC  Electro Coagulation, this is an efficient and cost effective solution o for marinas  problem in cleaning  waste water with heavy metal contamination.

 Applications and characteristics

  • Satisfying wastewater quality output according to NN 107/95, NN 150/05, NN 94/08
  • New Marine Wastewater Treatment Technology EC – Electro Coagulation
  • Possibility of reuse technical water
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Separation of heavy metals (Copper, Zinc, Lead) etc.
  • Separation of organic impurities (algae)
  • Capacity 400 l / h (9600 l / day)
  • Total installed power 3500 W
  • Weight of empty unit 2000 kg
  • The device does not require the use of coagulantsor other chemicals that require special handling and storage conditions

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