Composite Voltage Insulators

Domitran Novita’s manufactured Composite Isolators for Transmission voltage range  36/24 kV. Suitable for outdoor and indoor installation

All insulators have type certificates, according to IEC standards.

Material: Araldite Epoxy Resin

Domitran Novita’s manufactured :

  • Pin/Line Post Insulators
  • Shackle Insulator
  • Supporting Insulator


The main characteristics:

  • Increased conductive path
  • Dimensional stability and high dimension tolerance
  • High resistance on UV radiation, thermal resistance
  • Low mass acording to porcelain, simple assembly
  • High mechanical strength
  • Araldite Epoxy Resin

 In order to have a wide product range, we also employ other different production techniques. Small series production for all product categories are also available.

We can also assist in the supply of complementary products the client may need.

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