Maintain Industrial Cooling Systems

Performance of any commercial or industrial air conditioning system depends on proper maitance of cooling system part, as Cooling towers or chillers.  Properly maintained cooling towers and chillers keep condenser temperatures lower than un-maintained systems. These results in better energy efficiency lower utility bill costs, and a more comfortable facility.

Trough years working with  cooling system, design, maintain and manufacturing.  Domitran Novita’s personal work five step rules in maintain cooling System with evaporation principles.

  • Remove Scale Deposits
  • Ensure Proper Airflow
  • Clean Your Tubes
  • Inspect the Water Pump
  • Treat Your Water – pay attention to your water quality.

One Stop Solutions For All Your Cooling  System Requirements. 

We have known for their top quality and flexible services. With our services, we can assure and elevate the functionality of the thermal plant as per the requirements of our customers. The cooling tower services provided by us are geared to all such models and makes of cooling towers, despite ability or age. We and our services will assist you get the maximum from your cooling towers and provide the following services:

  1. Technical Diagnosis
  2. Regular maintenance and cleaning
  3. Repair, Refurbishment, Thermal upgrades
  • Replacement fill pack options for easy maintenance
  • Various high efficiency drift eliminators
  • High Efficient Low Energy fans
  • Sound attenuation packages