GRP Plates

Domitran Novita’s manufactured several types of GRP panels for many applications, as plate for Truck panels, Fire truck municipal parts, Covers for wastewater plants, anti-slip sheets, etc.

Material: Glass fibre & polyester / vinyl ester resin.

General properties:

  • Corrosion free, high strength
  • Not electrically conductive.
  • Easy install.
  • Fire retardent
  • Available with acid resistant layer
  • Anti-slip & UV layer

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Plates Glass fibre reinforced Polyester Resin

Wall plate & panels

Available dimension a max size in one part plate 3 m x 6 m,  from 2.5 – 12 mm thick – gelcoat protection layer. Max dimension of 4m x 2m by water jet cutting plates.

Or request we manufactured part shape & cut by water jet up to thickness of 40 mm. All plate is manufactured in Vacuum infusion process with excellent mechanical properties. White / Grey colour of protection layers as standard other RAL on request.

Sandwich panels

Sandwich core composites offer higher strength-to-weight ratios than solid composite laminates alone. Domitran Novita’s manufactured sandwich panel on request up to 20 mm thickness in PVC core or honeycomb, and different types of foams. These are bonded together in a Vacuum infusion Process, or Hand Lay-up Process.  


GRP Plate Anti-Slip Flooring

Ultra-tough GRP base for added grip in heavy duty areas. Resistant to rotting, warping, swelling, sunlight and  temperatures, Anti Slip GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Treads deliver a coarse, anti-slip surface even when wet. This anti-slip flooring is virtually indestructible, totally shatter-proof, and will withstand severe climatic variables.  In addition, due to the high level UV-protective with Grey or White colour as standard other RAL on request.

Available dimension from 2.5 – 10mm thick and to a max size of 4m x 2m – cut with water jet. All Plates can cut in the shape you wish by water jet cutting.