Energy & Renewable Solutions

Composites solutions in Energy sector and  Renewable Energy are beater way to make more efficient and longer life product for you. Domitran Novita’s have design and manufacturing product for yours solution in different energy sector. In over 25 years with composites, we work side-by-side with many manufacturers to pioneer composite solutions.

Our composite solution combined with proper technology with expertise in manufacturing provides customer with efficient and economical design solutions.

Our composite part and solution are common in Tidal energy sector, Wind energy.

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In Energy sector we have our standard product in:

  • Connection-measuring cabinets,
  • Low and medium voltage insulator,
  • Light & life lighting poles
  • Fiberglass Manholes, 
  • Poles,
  • Antenna radomes
  • Sewage manholes,
  • Pipes,
  • Flow Measuring Manholes
  • GRP Coverd decks – plate
  •  Tanks,
  • Pipes,
  • Cooling solution