FRP Flanges & FRP Backing Rings and Blind Flanges

Domitran Novita’s Flanges and Backing Rings manufactured by Vacuum infusion process / Hot pressing & Hand Lay-up offer an excellent competitive solution with very high and constant quality. The dimensions comply with the specified safety standards for each particular pressure class. Various internal diameters are available, to match all types of Pipe. Depend on requirement we offer product from polyester & vinyl ester resin with chemical barrier Derange 411 or equivalent.  

Different internal diameters to meet Stub Flange dimensions for GRP pipes (DIN 16966) as well as for PE, PP and PVC pipes (DIN 16963).

Flanges currently available from DN 80 mm through DN 250 mm, FRP Backing Rings and Blind Flanges through DN 1400 mm.

We have possibility to produce Flanges and Ring according customer needs.

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