GRP Pipes and Fittings

The GRP pipes and fittings in the Domitran Novita’s production range are available in nominal widths from 50 mm to 1,400 mm, in length up to 5.5m . They are manufactured from combination of resin depend on purposes from Polyester to Vinyl ester/ Epoxy resin and glass fibre rovings in a filament-winding process.

For use with particularly aggressive media, the GRP pipe are provided also with thermoplastic inliner made of PP-H, PVC-C, PVC-U and PVDF.  Lined GRP pipes pipe are up to DN 250 mm in pressure ratings of 6, 10 and 16 bar (nominal pressure), pressure ratings measure and tested on request.

Pipes are produced in a filament-winding process and based on the standard DIN 16965/16966. The choice of liner depends on the expected thermal, mechanical and chemical stress.

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There are various connection techniques available with GRP pipe systems. Bonded joints are a relatively quick installation variant for long straight pipe runs with nominal widths of up to 500 mm. Laminated joints, on the other hand, are suitable for more complex piping systems. If frequent disassembly is required, flange connections should be used at these points. Both collars with loose flanges and fixed flanges can be used for this purpose.


  • DN: 50 –1400 mm , (optional up to 2400 mm on request)
  • Pressure Rating: according to agreement
  • External Pressure : Up to -1,0 bar
  • Chemical Protection: Liner PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, inner chemical protection barrier of 2,5 mm, in Derkane 411 or equivalent
  • Outside protection: Topcoat 0,5 mm
  • Connections: Bonding,  Lamination, Collar / Loose Flange, Fixed Flange


  • Cooling towers distribution pipes
  • Scrubber Lines
  • Seawater Bilge and Ballast Water (incl. BWT Systems)
  • Fire Fighting Lines
  • Condensate Lines
  • Sounding and Ventilation Lines – Exhaust air ducts
  • Black and Grey Water Lines
  • Potable Water Lines
  • Tank Cleaning Lines
  • Jet-Water Lines
  • Crude Oil Washing Lines
  • Pool Drainage Lines
  • Cargo Lines
  • Sewage
  • Sanitary Drains and Auxiliary Lines