Light & life fibreglass-reinforced lighting poles – RDS

Domitran Novita’s  Fibre glass light poles are manufactured in Polyester/Epoxy resin systems & fibre glass woven rowing with more than 60% of glass, in combination winding angles for desired rigidity & strength made by filament winding process. In 20 year of manufacturing poles we have  standard poles length up to 8 m for different loading zone (max tested  wind load up to 144 km/h – zone IV).

Domitran Novita’s Street Lighting poles series RDS are design and tested in accordance with EN 40-7.

Standard connection for lamps Ø 60, 74 or 90 mm, several installation options, UV protection, electrically insulator.


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In addition to outdoor lighting applications, Domitran Novita’s poles can be designed for any number of outdoor applications in either directburial or pedestal-mount installations as:

  • Offshore Platform
  • Corrosive Area/ Chemical Plants/Marine Area
  • Electric vehicle charging station support structures
  • Solar-panel structures combined with lighting and/or school-zone signs
  • Wind-energy poles
  • Security-camera structures
  • Telecommunication poles
  • Wireless communication structures

Fibreglass-reinforced lighting poles benefits at a glance:

  • Corrosion resistance to pollutants such as CO2 and thawing salt
  • The poles break off in case of collision
  • No maintenance
  • Good vibration damping means longer life cycles of lamps and fittings
  • Colours are resistant to UV radiation
  • Easy installation
  • Several installation options
  • Low transport and installation costs thanks to light pole weight
  • Great dynamic and mechanical strength – strong against extreme wind loads
  • Not electrically conductive – completely insulated owing to materials properties (lighting protection)

Winding reinforced lighting poles

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Testing reinforced lighting poles