Telecommunication Solution

In telecommunication applications composites provide perfect solution through features like weather resistance (low CME and CTE), stiffness, weight savings and good di-electric properties (low loss tangent). These features allow antenna manufacturers to feel safe and confident that antennas performance is constantly on the level that network operators need. Domitran Novitas has a long innovation history with various telecommunication applications. 

We provide the solutions with the highest quality, global and local manufacturing capabilities with largest production capability.

We offer the full design support and the best knowledge of composite composition and chemistry and thus develop the winning solutions to our customers

Our typical products for BSS (Base Station System) Antennas include

  •  Camouflage antenna products
  • Diferent shapes and antenna blends with the surrounding environment
  • Filament winding antenna radomes
  •  Antenna tubes (cylindric and conical tubes)
  • Flat profiles antenna radome and advertising board
  • Plates
  • Radar shel for ship radars and airport radars

Would you like a quote or more information on these products? We are happy to help! .

Composite Antennas product for BSS Properties include:

  •     Excellent electromagnetic properties
  •     Low thermal sensitivity
  •     High strength and stiffness
  •     Low weight
  •     Good resistance to weathering and UV
  •     Excellent surface quality
  •     Low maintenance