Wastewater Recycling

Wastewater treatment processes can involve some harsh operating conditions that pose a particular challenge for the manufacturers and operators of treatment equipment. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is an attractive, modern material that can deliver many benefits for the construction of equipment used in activated sludge processing plants.Domitran Novita’s product and Composites solutions have contribution in removal of heavy metals by means of electrocoagulation from waste water coming from the cleaning of the ship at marinas . In over 25 years with composites we are dewelop and manufacture many solution  for our custer.

Composite product in Domitran portfolios  are  custom product for waste water plant as composite Deck Panels,  Decking, Covers , and solution in treatment area in recycling.

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For Water Recycling sector we have product in:

  • Manholes,
  • Pipes,
  • Tanks,
  • Flanges
  • Device for waste water clean in Marina’s area in cleaning yacht,
  • storage tanks, 
  • sedimentation tanks.
  • FRP Flat Covers, 
  • FRP Covers,
  • FRP Deck.